Posted by: ben | September 14, 2008

Introducing Enna photo and video modules

Extensive work has been commited to Enna’s development tree over the last few weeks. Many bugs have been fixed (though many still remain) and a few more modules have been added. Enna reached a point where the basic features (photo display and local audio/video files playback) are fullfilled.

Let’s start with the photo module. As you can see on the picture below, you’re now able to browse your directories to display all of your favorites pictures. Enna will give you a dropdown list of supported pictures files (PNG, JPEG, TIFF …) featuring both a thumbnail and the file’s name. Clicking on one of those pictures starts the slideshow feature which has some kick-ass transition effects 😉

Most improvements have been performed over the video module. First, it is now able to handle video files and play them back, thanks to libplayer backend. You may want to see Mat’s blog for latest info on libplayer but Enna is now capable creating an X11/XV child window where the movie can be displayed. Most of the work has been done however on the pre-loading movie screen. When you choose a movie to play, Enna uses its backends (emotion, libplayer) to retrieve the video properties and display them. As for the audio module, it can ask webservices to retrieve a cover for you. Most of the time however, your filename is not really Amazon compliant. Hence, if no cover can be found, Enna will simply uses backend to extract one frame from your movie and display it instead of a cover.

The retrieved covers are all stored to your HDD once downloaded, so that they are not retrieved again next time you’ll browse on that movie. Last but not least, a new module called “netstreams” has been added too. It is used to parse (and eventually download before) Extended M3U playlists (also .pls in the future) and let you access to their content. French users will be glad to know they can already play FreeboxTV through Enna 🙂

More news to come about Enna within the next weeks but it’ll mostly be bug fixing and interface changes for better usability.



  1. This sobre interface.
    I’m impatient for the GeeXboX II release

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