Posted by: ben | October 5, 2008

Dude, when are we gonna see GeeXboX 1.2 ?!?

When one does look at GeeXboX homepage, he can see “So, just stay tuned, most of these features are already available, and 1.2 won’t take a year to come this time.“under 1.1 release post, from 1st of July 2007. And yes, I know, GeeXboX 1.2 release still isn’t out there. Where the hell is it ? I know from experience that most of our users are stuck with a one year old release and many many enhancements have been commited since but only a small amount of users actually can test them.

After all, even the over-hacked Wii portage of GeeXboX (unofficial, unsupported and that will probably never gets commited upstream) comes with its 3rd release on forums.

For quite a while, the 1.2 release was stuck due to a major regression within installator (i.e. was no longer working at all). This was considered as a release blocker bug and most of developers were either damn too lazy to fix (actually rewrite) it or busy working on future GeeXboX features (namely libplayer and Enna). But the situation has changed over the past weeks, thanks to Andrew Calkin‘s big efforts to rewrite the whole installator. And he seems to have performed quite an incredible job as it is now functionnal again. Also, he spent hours working on the install to USB feature which, trust me on that, is hell of a nightmare to make it work on all the crappy BIOSes one can found widespread.

As a consequence, we’re finally entering GeeXboX 1.2 feature freeze period and time is currently being spent fixing the last remaining bugs, which will hopefully lead us to the 1.2-beta1 release in a couple of weeks. This feature, long awaited for, will allow you to test the following:

  • Linux kernel 2.6.27
  • X.Org 7.4 for HDTV and WideScreens support.
  • Ports to x86_32, x86_64 and PowerPC architectures.

Stay tuned and be ready to test the very latest beta release of GeeXboX 1.x branch before Enna being included for the 2.x series 🙂


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