Posted by: ben | October 26, 2008

Again, GeeXboX 1.2 ?


It’s been 3 weeks since latest post on upcoming GeeXboX 1.2-beta1 release and here are more news. Many efforts have been done to stabilize the development tree and it’s hopefully hte case today. Due to some nasty kernel configuration (actually it’s been there for a few weeks/months I guess), many X.Org video drivers had difficulties being inited. Some drivers also were updated (mostly RadeonHD and Intel ones) and I’ve been successfully testing both ATI, nVidia and Intel X.Org drivers.

Hopefully, the development tree seems to be pretty OK right now, at least on i386. A last bug still exist with x86_64 and, once fixed, everything should be ready for 1.2-beta1 release. So, just stay tuned …



  1. Sounds good… any word on enna? I tried installing from svn on Sunday, and it Segfaults every time I try to run it.

  2. No words on Enna, it’s a GeeXboX only announce 🙂
    Reports bugs/errors in devel list/forum/irc instead.
    Obviously can’t help much without gdb logs.

  3. Yeah, lol! Sorry I was so vague. I’ll do my best to report what I can to the proper places.

  4. And use mercurial repository, subversion version is obsolete..

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