Posted by: ben | November 29, 2008

Enna progress report …

Hi folks,

It’s been a while since latest Enna’s news entry. A few work has been done for the last couple of weeks and the picture wall you’ve seen earlier is now fully integrated. Theme also has changed a bit, in order to become a bit lighter and a new menu top bar has appeared, with date information and a few control buttons.


Enna still only features 3 main modules (music, video and photo) and we’ve decided to keep it so for first release, as it’s always better having a few working modules than a lot of buggy ones 🙂 The photo module has been quite updated to integrate the ass kicking pictures wall. It is however not yet able to display fullscreen pictures, add slideshow effects, perform rotations, display EXIF metadata but it’s planned for a very near future.


The music module hasn’t evolved much, as it was already working pretty fine. The only noticeable change may concern the cover display item. Covers may be grabbed from either local directory, if present, or from webservices API, if your audio file has enough metadata in it. Next plans for music module will be to add a few more buttons to switch between songs, seek within, update volume level and so on. Most of these actions can already be done using keyboard of course, but Enna is meant to be used with touchscreens too, so we’ll definitely need that.


Finally, the major changes took place in video module. Previous one was pretty ugly, least to say 🙂 We’ve decided to enlighten it and rework its whole design. You now have a video thumbnail, next to which are located all of the video properties. As usual, if movie title is eloquent enough (forget about your HDTV rips), Enna will try to look on for a proper DVD cover.


That’s it for today’s Enna changes. Oh, by the way, I’ve almost forgot to tell you about … This week, I’ve started the first geexbox-enna branch. Yeah, instead of focusing on finalizing 1.2 release, I’ve decided to integrate Enna to GeeXboX. As it’s only a work-in-progress branch as for now, it is already usable and judging by the results, it is already pretty much usable (but ages from being ready for production). Those interested in trying it out may just look for commits mailing list archives.

As today’s conclusion, I’ve made a 5mn runtime Enna video. Just enjoy the show 🙂

As usual with Google vids, resolution and compression is a bit crappy, so feel free to use slightly better version of it.


  1. Enna looks damn pretty good. Is there an official website for Enna? And where can I find Enna’s source so I could install it on a non-geexbox distro?

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