Posted by: ben | December 24, 2008

Enna’s Xmas Status


This might be (or not) latest post for 2008 on this blog but it definitely is for Enna at least 🙂 Around 6 months ago, we were still pretty stucked with the GeeXboX GUI question (as we were for the last 2 years …) and then we found some very small Enlightenment based Media Center UI called Enna. Over the last months, we’ve been working on Enna and nearly all of its parts were even rewritten. A lot of work also have been commited on it over the last days and I’m pretty happy about its current status. We should be able to have a working next-gen UI in GeeXboX (with basic playback features only though) over the first months of 2009.

Now, regarding Enna itself, a lot of things have changed within the last 2 weeks:

  • Complete modularization: everything is now a dynamic module (backend, browsers, activities, metadatas …) and can be atomically enabled/disabled according to user needs.
  • The various activities (audio, photo, video) have been reworked a lot to share the same browsing codebase. This avoid duplicating bugs and simplifies things a lot.
  • The metadata module class has been completely rewritten to allow easy writing and addition of different modules capable of retrieving properties from a given resource. Among these properties, we consider:
  1. audio metadata like ID3 tags, codec, bitrate, frequency …
  2. video metadata like resolution, codec, framerate …
  3. photo metadata like EXIF tags
  4. Audio CD or DVD cover, video snapshot or poster/picture wall
  • libplayer module has now been split into 2 logical modules: one for backend (playback) and one for metadata retrieval.
  • a new metadata plugin has been wrote to access to (TMDB) to retrieve hi-definition covers, pictures and movie info like story overview, actors list, release date and so on.
  • The metadata are now stored/dumped in an EET file. This allows ultra-fast recovery of metadata for a given resource if they’ve already been retrieved once.
  • A new HAL browser also has been added, allowing to automatically discover all of your available devices (HDDs, external USB disks, Audio CDs, DVDs …) supporting hot-(un)plug notification.

Looks cool isn’t it ?
Also, a newcomer has manifested some interest in Enna’s development so we might soon be one more developer to work on this awesome project 🙂

That’s it for 2008.

Merry Xmas@all and let’s see you back in 2009.

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