Posted by: ben | February 9, 2010


[UPDATE] The video presentation already was made available by FOSDEM organizers. Hope you’ll enjoy it more than I do 🙂

It’s been a couple days only but FOSDEM 2010 already is long gone 😦 As expected though, I’ve been able to present GeeXboX and Enna to a nearly full (ok, half only :-p ) room of developers and hackers. For those of you who couldn’t attend to the presentation or those who’d like to see it again or more carefully, the slides now are available on our website. Let’s just say that I was pretty proud making this conference and that the results were quite enthusiastic. Indeed, GeeXboX, Enna, and all of its associated libraries (libplayer, libvalhalla …) have catch attention of a lot of people, including some from Open Embedded, VideoLAN (VLC) and even Nokia. This will result to various new actions that I’ll gladly share with you at expected time. Let’s just say that the best is yet to come 🙂

Also, as it’s now an usual tradition, please enjoy some photo of our current development team (the ones that manage to come at least) at FOSDEM 2010.

From upper left to bottom right: Alexis Saettler, Nicolas Aguirre, Benjamin Zores, Matthias Hölzer, Fabien Brisset and Davide Cavalca.


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