Posted by: ben | March 13, 2010

GeeXboX 2.0-alpha2

Hey hey hey … just a new release came out. It’s been a month this alpha1 so now was a good time to release this new one.

Among most significant changes, you’ll find:

  • Normalize LIRC configuration by providing generic binding for each and every remote control.
  • Initial port to ARM architecture: stay tuned, it’s gonna be awesome news soon 🙂
  • Restoration of UPnP/DLNA feature with a brand new stack.
  • Restoration of internationalization support.
  • Upgrade of nVidia drivers: proprietary, legacy one and addition of Nouveau.
  • Add Kernel Mode Settings (KMS) for ATI/Intel/nVidia drivers.
  • Upgrade to Linux 2.6.33 kernel.
  • Fix LiveCD and Win32 installers, you can now install GeeXboX to disk again.
  • Fix OGG files playback issue.
  • Upgrade Enna to future upcoming 0.5.0 release, including hundreds of bug fixes and new features such as Weather enhancements, GeoIP localization, UPnP support, SHOUTcast and Podcast streaming.

Check project’s homepage for download.


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