Posted by: ben | May 30, 2011

Support for Disko Embedded UI Framework

The OpenBricks team has just brought support for Disko, yet another fram …

Posted by: ben | February 7, 2011

FOSDEM 2011: An Introduction to OpenBricks

So FOSDEM 2011 is now gone but it still was a great piece of event. There …

Posted by: ben | January 28, 2011

Meet the OpenBricks team at FOSDEM 2011 !

We will attend this year FOSDEM in Brussels, and Benjamin will be presenti …

Posted by: ben | January 18, 2011

Support for Intel SandyBridge GPU Acceleration

While Intel just has announced its new Core i5/i7 Sandy Bridge  CPU architect …

The multimedia components of OpenBricks have been greatly improved to now …

The Broadcom BCM70012 and BCM70015 Crystal HD advanced media processor are low co

Early October 2010, Texas Instruments (TI) released the PandaBoard, the first comm

Posted by: ben | November 17, 2010

OpenBricks adds support for Linaro 10.11 toolchain

Since last week, OpenBricks has added support for the recently released Linaro 10.

Posted by: ben | July 3, 2010

How QT is that ?

How QT is that ?.

Posted by: ben | June 12, 2010

Looking for some Webmaster

For multiple reasons, we’d like to update the global design of * websites. We currently do have some very static XHTML pages that one really has to “code” to update the website. While this is clearly the best thing in terms of security aspects, it’s however boring and discourage me from writing any news about the project resulting in a lack of visibility. For multiple reasons, I’d like to a CMS-based website (i.e. Joomla) as to rework the whole website and provide much more interactions, news and feedback from the project.

So I am looking for a webmaster that could handle this switch. Someone motivated with an already good knowledge of Joomla and that would be able to rework both the design and the content would be very very well appreciated. I will handle all the server-part installation/configuration related things but I’d really need a webmaster. Interested people, just reply to this post or contact me directly, possibly with an URL example of what you’ve already achieved.

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